6 Kooky Must Haves for your Kitchen

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Here at Kook Store, we love a good kitchen gadget. Whether its a pointless gadget that we just can't resist, or crockery in the shape of our favourite cartoon, we simply have to have it. Right now. 

We've chosen our top 6 favourite kitchen products below. 

1. Vegetable Pan - £40.99

OK, so we're a sucker for themed kitchen utensils. So we ADORE this pan. Available in tomato, pear, apple or aubergine (or eggplant to our American counterparts). Its a little pricier than the other products on this list, but its a must have for all you foodies. 

Get yours HERE

2. Kitchen Tap Disco Lights - £11.99

Nobody likes doing the washing up, that's a fact. So make it that little more enjoyable by turning your kitchen into a disco (via your tap). This little device fits on the end of your tap (24mm x 32mm) and comes with 7 different colours. 

Get yours HERE

3. 5 Layer Kitchen Scissors - £5.99

Scissor me timbers! Chopping. Its tedious, its borderline dangerous (watch out finger tips) and if you're like me, you can never cut your veg fine enough. That's why we love this invention. Scissors in the kitchen? Crazy I hear you say! Don't knock it until you've tried it. 

Get yours HERE

4. Fridge Storage Boxes - £5

These handy units fit under the shelves of your fridge an are a great space saver. Separate your fruit and veg.... or your leftover pizza and leftover chinese? Ahem.

Get yours HERE

5. Crystal Skull Bottle - from £11.99

We love this rock 'n' roll skull bottle, a must have for any party. It comes in various sizes, small medium or large (we'll take the large please). 

Get yours HERE

6. Wheel Storage Saver - from £39.99

If you're like me and you're always running out of space in your kitchen, this handy device is a perfect space saver. 3 shelves on wheels, it'll slot in perfectly between any tiny gaps in your kitchen units. 

Get yours HERE

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